Atlantic Design Homes has an in-house architectural design team that will work with you and your family to give you exactly what you want.  From built-in bookcases, to cozy window seats, we can make your house feel like home.


(above: Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry by Straw & Company)

(above: Walnut Veneered Cabinetry by Straw & Company, Painted Kitchen Built-In by Brave Space Design)

(above: Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry by Straw & Company, Hardwood Flooring by Straw & Company)

(above: Interior Architecture by Armstrong + Cohen Architecture, Red Elm Cabinets by Straw & Company, Paperstone Countertops by Brave Space Design)

(above: Cabinetry by Straw & Company)

(above: Cabinetry by Straw & Company)